PrEP Resources for Washington

Resources for Patients

Basic information and about PrEP:

Washington State Department of Health (DOH) - Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Public Health Seattle & King County - PrEP (English and Spanish)

PrEP information and resources for women:

PleasePrEPMe - PrEP for Women

FAQs and resources about PrEP and transgender women:

PleasePrEPMe - PrEP for Trans Women

Online tool for deciding about taking PrEP:

We Are 1 - Is PrEP Right for You Quiz   

The Stigma Project - Is PrEP Right For Me?

Videos about PrEP:

What Is PrEP? (English and Spanish)

Project Inform PrEP videos (English and Spanish)

Greater Than AIDS - #AskTheHIVDoc: All About PrEP!

Tools for finding a PrEP provider near you:

PrEP Navigators in Washington State  

Guide to discussing PrEP with your provider:

CDC - Talk to Your Doctor About PrEP

Tools to help estimate and pay PrEP costs:

PrEP Navigators in Washington State 

Washington State PrEP Drug Assistance Program

Project Inform - Getting Yourself Prepared for PrEP Flow Chart 

Downloadable and/or printable materials about PrEP: Virtual Library (English and Spanish)

Project Inform PrEP/PEP pocket cards (English and Spanish)

Facebook groups about PrEP:

PrEP Facts: Rethinking HIV Prevention and Sex

PrEP Facts: Women's Sexuality and HIV Prevention

Resources for Navigators

Tools to help estimate and pay PrEP costs:

There are multiple programs that exist to help in covering the cost of the PrEP medication, TRUVADA®. Each assistance program is a little different with varying eligibility criteria. It is recommended that you talk with a local PrEP Navigator to get support in applying to these PrEP Drug Assistance Programs.

Gilead Sciences - Truvada PrEP Access and Assistance Programs

Patient Advocate Foundation - Copay Relief 

Washington State PrEP Drug Assistance Program: 360-236-3412

Resources for Clinicians

Guides for starting a patient on PrEP:

PrEP information (webpage)

Guidance for PrEP Use

Black Americans and HIV/AIDS: the Basics (webpage)

CDC PrEP Fact Sheet (PDF) 

Informed Choice PrEP Counseling (webpage)

PrEP Provider Pocket Guide (PDF) 

US Public Health Service Summary of Guidance for PrEP Use Table

In-depth clinical practice guidelines for PrEP:

CDC - 2014 Clinical Practice Guidelines (67 pages): PrEP for the Prevention of HIV Infection in the United States

CDC - PrEP Provider Supplement (43 pages)

Preexposure Prophylaxis for the Prevention of HIV Infection in the United States, 2017 Update- A Clinical Practice Guideline (PDF)

Preexposure Prophylaxis for the Prevention of HIV Infection in the United States, 2017 Update- Clinical Providers' Supplement (PDF)

SIECUS - PrEP Education for Youth-Serving Primary Care Providers Toolkit

United States Preventative Service Task Force draft recommendations 

Guideline on When to Start Antiretroviral Therapy and on Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV 

Videos on caring for patients on PrEP:

TheBodyPro - PrEP: More Than HIV Prevention

Assessment tool for starting a patient on PrEP:

TheBodyPro - Assessment Tool: Is PrEP Indicated?

Printable quick guide to HIV prevention counseling:

HIVE - Combination Prevention Counseling

Tool for billing for PrEP-related services:

Washington State DOH – Common PrEP-related Billing Codes

Training opportunities and capacity-building assistance:

Capacity Building Assistance Provider Network

AIDS Education and Training Centers

CME/CNE Self-Study Module

National Curriculum: Preexposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Core Concepts - Introduction

Individual expert clinical consultation:

NCCC PrEP Warmline: (855) 448-7737 or (855) HIV-PrEPMonday - Friday11 a.m. - 6 p.m. ET

Resources for Non-Clinician Providers

Video explaining what PrEP is and why PrEP access is important:

Demystifying HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

Tool for promoting PrEP prescribing among non-HIV providers:

CDC - Any Provider Can Prescribe PrEP infographic

In-depth online tools for becoming a PrEP champion:

BETA - SF AIDS Foundation: Blog with a focus on improving HIV health literacy

Screening Tools

Sexual Health and Your Patients - A Provider's Guide

Sexual Health and Your Patients - Pocket Guide

Sexual History Taking Toolkit - Includes Videos, Forms, Assessment, Questions to Ask Pocket Guide

Billing and Insurance

PrEP is an A rated service under the USPTF. A key provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the requirement that private insurance plans cover recommended preventive services graded with and A or B from the USPSTF without any patient cost-sharing.

Fact Sheet on Preventative Services Covered by Private Health Plans (webpage)

NASTAD Billing and Coding Guide for HIV Prevention (PDF) (April 2016)
This coding guide will describe procedure (CPT®) and diagnosis code (International Classification of Diseases, 10th revision, Clinical Modification, ICD-10) that health care professionals can use when submitting claims for reimbursement for HIV Prevention Services, including PrEP.