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Type: Video

NCATEC: A Brief Introduction to PrEP

This informative video presented by Christopher Hurt, MD explains the basics of PrEP.

Figuring out how PrEP fits into your life

From Project Inform: Jonathan recently broke up from a long-term monogamous relationship. He's been a little depressed but he's also chatting online and dating quite a bit. Condoms aren't always used. Listen to Jonathan talk about how PrEP has helped ease his mind as he's working through this new stage in his life.

Using PrEP in relationships with HIV-positive men

Alejandro has been with his partner for several years. They're a mixed status couple ... one HIV-negative, the other positive. In this video, Alejandro describes some of the things he and his partner thought about when they were deciding whether or not to use PrEP.

Making the decision with your doctor to use PrEP

From Project Inform: Marcus is just starting out on his own. Here, Marcus talks about not always using a condom and why PrEP may be right for him because he wonders if he can trust what the other guy says about his status.

General information on using PrEP

This video from Project Inform presents general information about PrEP and how the pill can protect you from getting HIV.

Mujeres, PrEP y salud sexual

Este video de Project Inform proporciona información en español sobre PrEP y salud sexual para mujeres.

Women, PrEP & Sexual Health Video

This video from Project Inform outlines the nuts and bolts of how women who use PrEP can protect themselves from HIV infection.

Transgender Women and Sexual Health Video

This video depicts a day in the life of a woman going out on a date with her new beau and spending the night together for the first time. Returning home late the next morning, she is met by an inquisitive housemate whose questions about her experience appear rooted in equal parts concern and excitement.

What is PrEP?

This video from the PrEP REP Project was made to provide an illustration of HIV infection and how PrEP generally works to prevent it, and why “once a day” dosing is recommended.

The #HIVLoveWins video series

HIVE (the San Francisco-based hub of positive sexual and reproductive health) and the AIDS Foundation Chicago's (AFC) Midwest HIV Prevention and Pregnancy Planning Initiative (MHPPPI) co-created a video series about HIV-affected individuals and couples and reproductive health intentions – real life vignettes of #HIVLoveWins stories.