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WebAIM: Keyboard Accessibility

This guide explains best practices for keyboard accessibility, one of the most important aspects of web accessibility.

PrEP and Transgender People

The HIV epidemic disproportionately affects the transgender community, but awareness of prevention efforts using PrEP have been inadequate for this particularly vulnerable group. 

The future of PrEP among transgender women: the critical role of gender affirmation in research and clinical practices

This paper reviews relevant literature to describe the current state of the science and describes the potential role of PrEP among trans women, including a discussion of unique considerations for maximizing the impact of PrEP for this vulnerable population.

Condoms: Common Questions and Misconceptions

This article from Clue — a period tracking app — helps you make the best decisions about sex, protection, and pregnancy.

Why Language Matters: Facing HIV Stigma in Our Own Words

The words people use to talk about HIV affect the way people living with HIV feel about themselves. These words also have an impact on how others view people living with HIV.

What Is Racism?

The definition of racism offered here by Dismantling Racism is grounded in Critical Race Theory, a movement started in the 1970s by activists and scholars committed to the study and transformation of traditional relationships of race to racism and power.

Beyond Terminology: Zooming Out to Focus on Bias

Remarks from “Is This Racist? How Editors Can Identify Hidden Bias” at the 2017 ACES: The Society for Editing conference.