Online ways to Access PrEP: Putting technology to work

Telemedicine start-ups remove the need to physically go into a doctor’s office for a PrEP prescription. We have highlighted the existing programs below, with more on the horizon. We also include online pharmacy options for delivery of your medications. 

This page will be updated as the online space grows. Please use the drop-downs below to read more about the available online options for accessing PrEP. These companies may not operate in every state. Be sure to double check that these options are available where you live.

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Telemedicine providers

NurxNurx is a telemedicine startup based in San Francisco dedicated to making PrEP and birth control more accessible to everyone. 

Through the Nurx website users can get a prescription from a licensed physician and have their medication delivered right to their door. 

Nurx is currently available in many states with plans to be operating nationally soon. Nurx also works with all major insurance companies and can assist with navigating payment assistance programs. 

Using Nurx to access PrEP is easy, fast, and reliable! This entire process can take 4 to 7 business days, depending on how quickly you get your labs completed. 

How it works

  • Log onto
  • Click “Get Started on PrEP” in the top right corner
  • Answer a few questions about your health
  • Upload a picture of your photo ID and insurance card
  • Share your preferred shipping address
  • Someone from the Nurx team will contact you about navigating the potential costs of PrEP
  • A medical provider will review your request and contact you about next steps
  • Complete necessary lab work 
  • Get excited! Your PrEP will be mailed to you in a discreet box. 

Ready to order or want more information about how you can get PrEP online? Visit -

Plushcare logoPlushCare allows you to book an appointment to speak with a doctor over the phone or computer and will send the prescription to your pharmacy of choice.

PlushCare is available in all 50 states. It is also a provider within the California PrEP Assistance Program (CA PrEP-AP). To learn more about qualifying for this program and to enroll visit our page at or simply chat with us!

How it works

  • Book an Appointment: Book an appointment on by creating an account and entering in your insurance information. We generally have appointments available every 15 minutes.
  • Video Chat with a Knowledgable PrEP Doctor: Face-to-face with a doctor from their computer or our iOS/Android app. Our doctors are from the top 50 medical schools and are all trained on best practices for PrEP.
  • Complete Lab Testing: After the appointment, the doctor will request labs, including HIV testing and standard STD testing. Labs can be completed at any Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp location.
  • Pick Up Your Prescription: Upon receiving HIV negative results (typically 3 business days after testing), the doctor sends the PrEP prescription to your local pharmacy. We'll reach out to you in 3 months when it's time for a refill.

Ready to order or want more information about how you can get PrEP online? Visit -

MISTR logo

PrEP. Prescribed online, delivered to your door.

With MISTR you can consult securely online with a licensed physician and complete all required lab testing at home. Insurance or no insurance we can help!  GET STARTED NOW. 

Most insurance plans cover PrEP – if yours doesn’t, MISTR can help you qualify for financial assistance programs, so you have little or no out-of-pocket costs.

No needles and no need to go to the doctors office, you can do everything at home! Already have a prescription? MISTR offers free delivery anywhere in the United States, and prescription renewals are quick and hassle free.

Online pharmacies

Alto Pharmacy Logo

Alto makes getting your PrEP easier than you ever thought possible.

Currently available for patients in the SF Bay, LA, and Orange County regions.



Why people love Alto:

  • Free courier deliveries
  • Lowest cost - Alto automatically checks for copay assistance cards
  • Easy app to schedule your deliveries and track them real time
  • Have questions about side effects, usage, or interactions with other medications? Message, text, or call your team of specialized PrEP/HIV pharmacists
  • Get automatic reminders about labs and taking your PrEP
  • Get all of your other medications delivered, too


How it works:

  1. Get a prescription. When you see your doctor, have them send your prescription to Alto Pharmacy (it’s already in their system!)
  2. Have an existing prescription? Make an account at and transfer it into Alto.
  3. Alto will reach out via text so you can schedule when you want your PrEP delivered.
  4. Your delivery comes to your door, as fast as the day it’s prescribed. The packaging is discreet to protect your privacy.

We can’t wait to meet you.

TIN Rx logoTIN Rx is an independent pharmacy chain that specializes in PrEP for their patients.

Our staff is very knowledgeable about PrEP and works with you to find payment assistance if needed. We have discreet delivery and mailing options that are available to all patients.

Through the TIN Rx website users can schedule an appointment to see a doctor directly from their smart phone or mobile device. Your prescription for PrEP is transferred to TIN Rx and our helpful staff will contact you with the details.

TIN Rx cares about all our patients and we make sure you receive your PrEP fast and discreet. We are active in the LGBTQ community and offer our patients a stigma-free pharmacy experience.

How it works:

  • Visit our website at or call us at 1-866-GO-TINRX

  • Schedule your video appointment with a provider from our website.

  • Appointments are generally available every 15 minutes and same day.

  • Talk to a doctor face to face during your video appointment to see if PrEP is right for you.

  • The doctor will send TIN Rx your prescription and we will contact you for delivery.

  • TIN Rx will mail or deliver your PrEP in discreet packaging to your door or mailbox.