About Us

The PleasePrEPMe vision is a world with equal rights and health care access for all, free of violence, and where all people lead enjoyable, consensual sex lives. We believe in sexual empowerment and reproductive rights.

Our mission is to support access to PrEP and PEP.

Three programs support wide implementation of PrEP:

PleasePrEPMe:Connect logoPleasePrEPMe:Connect helps potential PrEP/PEP clients find PrEP/PEP services in their area through chat, text, and telephone with experienced navigators. In English and Spanish. Currently available in California.


PleasePrEPMe:Directory logoPleasePrEPMe:Directory allows users across the nation to search for providers in their areas on their own, in collaboration with PrEPLocator.org.


PleasePrEPMe:Resources logoPleasePrEPMe:Resources provides local HIV-prevention resources in English and Spanish for patients and providers in all 50 states.


PleasePrEPMe:Global logoWe also work in close collaboration with PleasePrEPMe.global, a worldwide directory of PrEP providers.


PleasePrEPMe is a community based service program. We are not medical providers. Our staff has 41 years’ experience in the HIV field and 9 years’ experience in PrEP education. PleasePrEPMe is a leader in HIV and PrEP information and advocacy.

Our Team

Thank you to our funders and collaborators.


California Department of Public Health

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National Coalition of STD Directors


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National Library of Medicine

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California Department of Public Health Office of AIDS' PrEP Assistance Program

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HIVE: A Hub of Positive Reproductive & Sexual Health


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The Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center


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The San Francisco Public Health Foundation


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Prevention Access Campaign


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Element Five


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National Prevention Information Network


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The Black AIDS Institute


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Building Healthy Online Communities 


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Breakthrough Coaching 


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