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August, Week 3

CA PrEP Summit logoThe end of August is approaching and that means that this week we're prepping for the CA State Office of AIDS PrEP Summit. The theme is: Navigating the Future of HIV Prevention.

If you're attending, make sure to stop by our table! (#wegotgoodies) We also want to hear about the work and challenges of PrEP navigation in California directly from YOU!

If you aren't attending, send us a shout with your questions about PrEP or PrEP navigation and we will get back to you after the Summit! (if we can't answer right away): Navigator@PleasePrEPMe.org

August, Week 2

Something truly heart-wrenching for everyone this week. Sharing a profound and difficult Grand Rounds presentation by Zea Malawa, MD, MPH on The Origins of Black Poverty. Click play on the video below or see the recording at the link here

August, Week 1

This week we are sharing something that continues to makes us love it EVERY week. The video series #52Questions from HIVE: A Hub of Positive Reproductive and Sexual Health is Director Shannon Weber’s creative exploration for 2018 – to answer one HIV and/or sexual health related question each week in video format. Every year HIVE answers hundreds of questions from patients, their partners and from providers. We are sharing some of those frequently asked questions with you. Have a question? Let us know. They’d love to answer it. Email contact@hiveonline.org to submit!

This is one that's particularly close to our hearts: What is undetectable? Check it out and follow the HIVE Facebook page for updates and more great questions!



July Week 4, 2018

PleasePrEPMe PosterAIDS 2018 was AMAZING! So much incredible news was made, from the affirmation of U=U to demonstrable association of increased PrEP use and declining HIV diagnosis rates in the United States

PleasePrEPMe was there too! *waves from the Exhibition Hall*. We presented a poster on our online PrEP and PEP navigation service, PleasePrEPMe:Connect. The poster displayed who we've spoken to since launch, where they've been located within California, and the range of topics we've talked to folks about. Our Sexual Health Coaching Model also made its international debut!

Click here to download the poster as a PDF.

Click here to download the Sexual Health Coaching Model as a PDF.

Finally, click here to download our process model as a PDF

July Week 3, 2018

AIDS 2018 logo



This week we are gearing up for and traveling to AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam! Will you be there?

The theme of AIDS 2018 is:

“Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges”, drawing attention to the need of rights-based approaches to more effectively reach key populations. 

We can get down with that. Come say hi and see our poster presentation,“Reaching people online via chat-based PrEP navigation services: The PleasePrEPMe: Connect experience”  on Thursday, 26 July 2018, from 12:30 - 14:30. We'll be at the Poster Exhibition area, Hall 1, next to the Global Village. 

July Week 2, 2018

Introducing....Wednesdays w/ Charlie! (Miércoles con Charlie). Our weekly video series made by and starring our very own #PrEPChampion, bilingual navigator Charlie! Check out the first videos here and don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube playlist!


July Week 1, 2018

PleasePrEPMe:Local brochure image


Holy smokes, it's July. And before we forget to tell you entirely, you should check out our new PleasePrEPMe:Local brochure.

Made for all of our partners doing work at the local level, we created this to act as a “PleasePrEPMe in a box” concept to explain the various ways we are able to support you.


The brochure details:

  • How PleasePrEPMe:Connect, Resources, and Directory can be used by local organizations and jurisdictions.
  • How we can collaborate on promotion and outreach around HIV prevention.


Click here to access the brochure. We hope you find this helpful!


June Week 4, 2018

Through language we transform reality. We dictate what is real. This creates an enormous responsibility to use language to describe and create the best, most radical reality we can imagine—a world free from violence in all its forms; a world where all life, all identities and experiences, and all ways of making meaning are understood as valuable and sacred. Language can hurt or heal; it can cause harm or create liberation—the choice is ours.

—The Radical Copyeditor

How we write about people: 

  • PleasePrEPMe’s language reflects our values as an organization by respecting and honoring the bodies, experiences, and choices of all the people we serve. Our guidelines are just that—not unbreakable rules but evolving guidelines for writing with care, empathy, and curiosity.
  • Use people-first language to acknowledge that people and communities are more than their HIV, their substance use, etc.
  • That said, people-first language is not always be the best choice. Pay attention to the ways people and communities refer to themselves—and how they prefer to be described by people outside their community—and stay curious about how that language changes over time.
  • “Sex” and “gender” are not the same thing, and there is power in using language that distinguishes between them. 
  • Use language that respects a person’s gender identity rather than emphasizes the sex they were assigned at birth. Always use a person's correct (as determined by them) pronouns. 


For more guidelines and examples of inclusive and respectful language, see our (draft! evolving!) style guide

June Week 3, 2018

Pride flagIt's PRRRRIIIIIIDEEEEEEE season! (A.k.a every day around here). Are you PrEP'd for Pride? Chat with us about your options and what to do if you encounter a potential exposure. Have fun and play safe out there, kids!




June Week 2, 2018

Shouting out (because they deserve SO much love) our great info sheets this week! Created in partnership with Project Inform, our primers on Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) and Breakthrough HIV Infections while on PrEP. Informative yet brief - check them out!


June Week 1, 2018PleasePrEPMe Global Poster

This week we're sharing an overview of PleasePrEPMe.Global, the worldwide directory of PrEP providers and resources. Download the full poster at this link and check out the PleasePrEPMe.Global experience!




​​​​​​​May 2018

navigator manual coverAll the PrEP navigation love! Our manual Helping People Access Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis: A frontline provider manual on PrEP research, care and navigation has been updated to include PrEP-AP and more detail on billing codes and insurance denials. 

The manual is available in English and Spanish. Be sure to sign up for updates with Project Inform as this is a living document and updated frequently.


woman on purple backgroundApril 2018

Did you get our April newsletter? In it we go over some of the new resources we made for you including our Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for Youth page and two pages on Undetectable=Untransmittable (basic and advanced). 



March 2018

PEP rap still image

Drumroll, please! If you haven't, take 3 minutes to watch our amazing navigator and sexual health coach Charlie Romero and his friends rap about Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) in English and Spanish! Love this? Please share widely!


English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjkB9IImNg0

Spanish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lShGQrbIMy0


February 2018frontline staff video still

More videos! Frontline staff are key in assuring potential PrEP users get information and appointments. We created this 4-minute video for clinic staff to assist their workflow and ability to provide quality service: pleaseprepme.org/frontline 


January 2018

slides image

Training providers, navigators or frontline staff about PrEP or PEP?  Drop one or more of these slides at the end of your presentation. The help explain the process of enrolling in the directory and showcase the other resources we have at PleasePrEPMe, and how we can support their PrEP and PEP outreach.

Annual Reports and other fun things

2017 Annual Report

PleasePrEPMe:Connect 2017 Topic Trends


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