PrEP Resources for Mississippi

Resources for Patients

Basic information about PrEP:

Greater Than AIDS - Let's Talk about PrEP

CDC PrEP page (English and Spanish)

Tools for finding a PrEP provider near you:

University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) -  Mississippi PrEP Providers

PrEP information and resources for women:

PleasePrEPMe - PrEP for Women

FAQs and resources about PrEP and transgender women:

PleasePrEPMe - PrEP for Trans Women

Videos about PrEP:

Greater Than AIDS - #AskTheHIVDoc: All About PrEP! 

What Is PrEP? (English and Spanish)

Project Inform PrEP videos (English and Spanish)

Downloadable and/or printable materials about PrEP:

Project Inform PrEP/PEP pocket cards (English and Spanish) Virtual Library (English and Spanish)

Facebook groups and/or pages about PrEP and sexual health:

PrEP Facts: Rethinking HIV Prevention and Sex

PrEP Facts: Women's Sexuality and HIV Prevention

American Sexual Health Association Facebook page

Online tool for deciding about taking PrEP:

The Stigma Project - Is PrEP Right For Me?

Guide to discussing PrEP with your provider:

CDC - Talk to Your Doctor About PrEP

Tools to help estimate and pay PrEP costs:

Gilead Sciences - Truvada PrEP Access and Assistance Programs

Patient Advocate Foundation - Copay Relief

Project Inform - Getting Yourself Prepared for PrEP Flow Chart 

Resources for Navigators

Truvada for PrEP Medication Access Guide

Gilead Sciences - Truvada PrEP Access and Assistance Programs

Patient Advocate Foundation - Copay Relief 

Resources for Clinicians

Basic information about PrEP:

UMMC - PrEP: A "New" Tool to Fight HIV

Synopsis of clinical data supporting use of PrEP:

Project Inform - PrEP Clinical Study Data Sheet

Guide for starting a patient on PrEP:

NCATEC - PrEP Provider Checklist

Videos on caring for patients on PrEP:

NCATEC - A Brief Introduction to PrEP

TheBodyPro - PrEP: More Than HIV Prevention

Assessment tool for starting a patient on PrEP:

TheBodyPro - Assessment Tool: Is PrEP Indicated?

Printable quick guide to HIV prevention counseling:

HIVE - Combination Prevention Counseling

In-depth clinical practice guidelines for PrEP:

CDC - 2014 Clinical Practice Guidelines (67 pages): PrEP for the Prevention of HIV Infection in the United States

CDC - PrEP Provider Supplement (43 pages)

SIECUS - PrEP Education for Youth-Serving Primary Care Providers Toolkit

Tool for billing for PrEP-related services:

NASTAD - Billing Coding Guide for HIV Prevention

Individual expert clinical consultation:

NCCC PrEP Warmline: (855) 448-7737 or (855) HIV-PrEPMonday - Friday11 a.m. - 6 p.m. ET

Training opportunities and capacity-building assistance:

Capacity Building Assistance Provider Network

Mississippi AIDS Education and Training Center

UMMC - Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

Resources for Non-Clinician Providers

Quick guide to PrEP for non-clinicians:

NYSDOH AIDS Institute - Quick Guide: What Support Services Providers Should Know About PrEP

Video explaining what PrEP is and why PrEP access is important:

Demystifying HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

Tool for promoting PrEP prescribing among non-HIV providers:

National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) PrEP for HIV Prevention Modules 

BETA - SF AIDS Foundation: Blog with a focus on improving HIV health literacy